InnoSurvey is a web-based software capability analyzer that helps to assess the organizational innovation capabilities using 360-degreesurvey of internal and external stakeholders. Such surveyhelps to provide a comprehensiveanalysis to answer innovation capability questions of what, why, and how by comparing data from over 1,000 top innovative companies in about 62 countries.

Ideation360 is a web-based and mobile device-based package that allows innovative idea management which facilitates strategic initiatives exploration through ideation and selection process that enables hypotheses formulation and experimentation. The selected ideas could then be movedinto the execution phase for proper development and commercialization.

NVivo by QSR International

NVivo is a Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS). NVivo helps to seamlessly manage unstructured/semi-structured data such as texts, data Excel format, audio, video, social media, web, survey data from organizations such as survey monkey/ Qualtrics, bibliographical databases, statisticalpackagessuch as SPSS, emails, andnotes. The software can help analysis of such wide variations of data through queries, comparisons, clustering, social network analysis, data visualization, andreporting.

Various Business Strategy and Project Management Tools & Techniques

Bold Steps Vision, Business Model Canvas, Context Canvas, Cover Story Vision, Creative Matrix, Customer Journey, Design Criteria, Experiment Canvas, Hero’s Journey Canvas, Innovation Matrix, Investment Matrix, Investment Readiness Level, Paper Prototype, Screenplays, Sketching, Storytelling Canvas, Team Charter, Validation Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Wall of Ideas, Systems thinking, etc.