How safe is our data?

Yes, the data are safe. Apart from signing non-disclosure agreements, the organization shall ensure that the data are well protectedduring transfer and storage. Our partners use data encryption technologies thatsafeguarddata storage from unauthorized parties. Please find below more details:

Innovation360 Group is a leading international management consulting company that works with major companies worldwide and is compliant with both SOC2 and GDPR legislation, therefore you can be confident that the information you provide in the survey is secure.

Do we have to implement all the innovation phases?

No, you do not have to implement all the innovation phases. Organizations may just want to establish their innovation quotient scores before taking a full assessment to establish other innovation capabilities such as culture, leadership, processes, personas, etc. before moving to the other phases of the process. The organization would have the opportunity to provide inputs and decide on the deliverables based on their strategic goals.

Are these services for only large organizations?

The innovation capability assessment and general innovation management techniques are applicable to all organizational sizes. Ability to establish current innovation capabilities allows strategy formulation for growth and survival in our ever-dynamic business ecosystem.

Can innovation management services be customized for organizations?

Organizations could discuss with us on the best ways we could help their businesses.

Is the process industry specific?

The innovation management system is applicable to all industries, in fact we have innovation benchmarks from several industries to compare with your sector.

What level of organization do we apply the process to?

Innovation happens at different levels of the organization, depending on the interest of the company, we could apply the assessment view the holistic capabilities of the organization or view the organization according to the desire of the client considering business units, divisions, departments, and others.

What volume of clients could ProjectInnovation720 LLC handle?

ProjectInnovation720 LLC is an innovative organization with the ability to handle small to very large clients at a time. ProjectInnovation720 can ramp-up capability if require by collaborating with global licensed practitioners in the field of innovation management through our partner organization Innovation360 Group AB.