We provide total life cycle solutions for sustainable business growth through evidence-based approaches using proven tools and techniques with structured processes of innovation management, business analysis, and project management.

Jim Collins, a business consultant, identified that over time, all businesses go through some form of decline or the other. He identified five stages of business decline as (Figure 1):

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Figure 1: Five Stages of Business Decline

According to Innosight/Richard N. Foster/Standards & Poor’s report, the average company lifespan is now about 15 years if the decline curve is allowed to happen without intervention. The business ecosystems are now fast-paced and characterized by disruptive technologies and business models. Organizations have to operate in volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex business ecosystems.

To be able to survive the current disruptive and ever changing business ecosystems, our organization, ProjectInnovation720 LLC in partnership with Innovation360 group help organizations understand their innovation capabilities, identify strategic innovative initiatives, help establish innovation management systems, and help in managing the identified innovation projects. Such initiatives help organizations improve current business, enables growth, and provide the environment for future businesses through balanced innovation portfolio management as depicted in Figures 2 and 3.

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Figure 2: Business Performance Lifecyle

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Figure 3: Balanced Innovation Project Portfolio for Secured Business Success