Taofeeq A. Ashiru, founder of ProjectInnovation720 LLC is a strategic problem solver with over 30 years of  experience in the energy, manufacturing, and academics. With over 20 years of this period spent working in the energy sector (Royal Dutch Shell) covering activities in procurement and logistics, human resources, and project delivery.

Taofeeq is a T-skilled individual that has leveraged several years of his transferable skills working in the corporate environment and academia on various hard and soft transformational projects for his clients at ProjectInnovation720. He is ambidextrous, comfortable collaborating across disciplines, and able to work with divergent/convergent scenarios, by exploiting and exploring opportunities to improve the client’s present situations while at the same time seeking the trade-offs for transformation.

ProjectInnovation720  helps organizations to thrive to the next levels of their transformational journey using a data-driven innovation lifecycle approach.

Kindly refer to his LinkedIn profile for more details.

* Note that there is access to a vast pool of other resource persons depending on the scope and the complexity of the project.